Philosophy That We Pursue

We, at Dewinter Optical Inc, understand the importance of the results that microscope and related software generate. Keeping the market trends into consideration, we put in all our experience and resources to present a complete range of reliable and affordable Pathology Microscope, Cytology Microscope, Diagnostic and Educational Microscope and Image Analysis Software.

Our Mission

By providing top class Microscopes and Image Analysis Software, we strive to serve the society with products that provide the most accurate and safest possible results, both in short and long terms.

Product Range

Dewinter Optical Inc. is a highly acclaimed manufacturer and exporter of the following:

    • Dewinter Binocular Biological Microscope - Model: PRIME
    • Dewinter LCD/Digital Microscope - Model: DIGI SELECT
    • Digital Biological Microscope - Model: DIGI EXCEL
    • Dewinter Advanced Fluorescent Microscope - Model: PREMIUM FL
    • Dewinter Trinocular Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope - Model: VICTORY
    • Dewinter Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope - Model: DMI CROWN
    • Dewinter Transmitted & Reflected Polarizing Microscope - Model: DMI SELECT
    • Dewinter Digital Metallurgical Microscope - Model: DIGI PREMIUM M
    • Dewinter Digital Monocular Stereozoom Microscope - Model: DIGI ZOOMSTAR II
    • Dewinter Digital Stereozoom Microscope - Model: DIGI ZOOMSTAR III
    • Dewinter Advance Stereo Zoom Microscope - Model: ZOOMSTAR V
    • Dewinter Digital Gem Microscope - Model: DIGI GEMSTAR
    • Portable LED Microscope - Model: EXAR I
    • Portable Metallurgical Microscope - Model: EXAR II
    • Portable Metallurgical Microscope - Model: EXAR III
    • Portable Metallurgical Microscope - Model: EXAR IV
    • Digital Usb Microscopy Camera - Model: DIGI EYE 210
    • Digital Usb Microscopy Camera - Model: DIGI EYE 330
    • Dewinter Medical Software - Model: BIOWIZARD
    • Dewinter Metallurgy Software / Metallurgical Image Analysis Software - Model: MATERIAL PLUS
    • Dewinter Cast Iron Analysis Software - Model: FOUNDRY PLUS
    • Dewinter Microhardness Analysis Software - Model: MICROHARDNESS PRO
    • Dewinter Micro Measurements Software - Model: CALIPER PRO
    • Dewinter Live Measurements Software - Model: MICRO MEASURE
    • Dewinter Weld Penetration Software - Model: WELD CHECK
    • Dewinter Particle Size / Pharma Software - Model: PHARMA PRO
    • Dewinter Textile Software - Model: TEXTILE PRO


In addition to the premium range of Microscopes, we are offering cost effective & value added solutions. The combination of our products and services has enabled us to maintain a long term relationship with our clients. Along with the Image Analysis Software, we also share our product knowledge with our clients and help them use this software in the best possible manner. In case of any trouble related to our products, we have professionals who are alert and active in solving the problem as soon as possible. In this way, we have been multiplying the profit of our clients and help them achieve their goals.

The Infrastructure That We Have

In order to achieve our mission and function in accordance with our philosophy, we have developed a well-established infrastructure that we believe to be the base of our excellence. We manufacture all the components in our well-integrated workshops covering a wide area. Today, in this highly advanced technological world, the manufacturing unit of Dewinter Optical Inc. has kept pace with time. Our primary stress is on high quality Optics and Image Analysis Software, which are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility.

Our Motivation

The employees get immense motivation from our Legal Representative/CEO, Mr. Rajiv Luthra, one of the most senior persons in the field of microscope and software, with years of experience. Social concern is another factor that has been motivating us to create better products and services. We have tie-ups with various organizations (medical and non-medical) that make use of our microscope and software for research and analysis.

We Seek Innovation

Dewinter Optical Inc. through continuous innovation, bringing forth more advance version Image Analysis Software. As far as hardware or microscopes are concerned, we leave no stone unturned to achieve the best of components for microscope. Our Image Analysis System controls the robot and the motorized microscope stage and microscope focus. We offer one of the best systems that clients can find on the market to greatly improve their level of quality.

Why Us?

  • Reputation based on quality, reliability, integrity, and complete understanding of the market dynamics
  • Prompt deliveries and customer satisfaction- our top priority
  • A sound infrastructure armored with advanced and innovative technology
  • Upgradation of machinery with the latest techniques
  • Team of experts to monitor the manufacturing process.